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FrogPad Teams with Giletech, Cuts Learning Time to Type One Handed by 75% 

HOUSTON (PRWEB) November 14, 2006 -- FrogPad, Inc., the leading innovator in productive mobile data entry technologies, has announced that its partnership with Giletech of Munich, Germany, has resulted in an on-screen Better Typing product that will help users learn touch-typing on the standard-setting FrogPad™ ( mobile computing accessory in as little as five hours. 

Better Typing Software combined with FrogPad dramatically cuts the touch-typing learning curve 
"This is how you achieve real mobile productivity - chopping the learning curve for touch-typing one-handed on our product," says Linda Marroquin, President and CEO of FrogPad. "We're grateful to Giletech for continuing the rapid development of applications and aids for our keyboard. You could say the FrogPad's really jumping right now!"

The on-screen Better Typing Software keyboard replication lets users look at the screen instead of the keyboard, because the keyboard is reproduced on whatever standard input program - a Word document, for example, or an Excel spreadsheet - is being used. 

"Better Typing Software combined with FrogPad dramatically cuts the touch-typing learning curve," says Marroquin. The result is maximum improvement of eye-hand coordination and muscle memory. User can even download the Giletech e-tutor (a Windows application) as a 'Try Before You Buy' FrogPad demo.

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Better Typing assists you with touch-typing. Basically, the software is not a typing tutor training you to type effectively by doing some artificial exercises. It is supposed to help you right away with typing an actual text without looking at the keyboard

The program shows you a virtual keyboard over the application in which you are going to type. The keys of the keyboard are colored in different colors to assign the groups of keys to particular fingers. The home position of your fingertips over the keyboard is also demonstrated. When you memorize the position of the keys and develop the sense of touch to find the keys, you may no longer need this program. However, Better Typing can be used not just to develop the sense of touch but also to provide you with further visual help to support the sense of touch. 

When you press a key it gets highlighted on the virtual keyboard so that you can see that your fingers are doing the right job. Also the typed text can appear in a special field to control input. 

If you switch between languages the virtual keyboard changes accordingly, which enables you to learn touch-typing in almost any language.

Reviewed by Tanya Lobacheva

Better Typing Received "Editor Pick" Award at     Better Typing Reviewed By Editors Learn to type faster and more accurately Tim Smith, 26 Jul 2006

Learning to touch type can make a huge difference to the ease of using a computer.

Better Typing is a cheap alternative to the expensive training alternatives. It displays an image of the keyboard on the screen.

Colour coding is used to show which keys are pressed with each finger.

As you type, the text bar along the top of the keyboard shows the entered text. This has the added advantage of being slightly larger than ordinary text and always being in the same place.

This extra feature makes Better Typing more useful than using a printed picture of the keyboard.

The full version can be used to learn the Dvorak layout without buying a new keyboard. Dvorak is faster than QWERTY and needs less finger movement.

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